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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Why Magneto's helmet is priceless

 The mind and Signals

We, as human beings, are a thing of beauty.

We are born as perfect as life requires it, and we thank the almighty, often referred to as god.

I was thankful to be born without any physical or mental defects. As a child, in an era where Analog television was the only source of Audio visual entertainment. The radio and magnetic tapes prevailed. The atmosphere was clean. 

I was a lucid daydreamer, often taken to my world of muse in my mind's eye, where another reality existed, as perfect as this one. Life had an easy pace in those days. Memory was perfect, disturbances to the mind next to none.

Schooling passed hence, with desired results without having to fight oneself too much about it.

Mobile telecommunications were in developmental phases, and incorporated as soon as the electronic technology was viable for global consumerism.

But as the spectrum was bought by the telecom companies from the almighty, glitches in memory and thought started to occur.

Given that our minds are devices that work on thoughts which involve signals, it is imperative that the mind and its frequencies not be interfered with by the telecom companies who buy their spectrum from the deviously secret almighty, who somehow was made to do business with telecom companies, giving them authority over frequency ranges of the spectrum without finding out which humans were born with minds in those frequency ranges, thus, debilitating those humans by the scores and ruining their performance in a world that kept getting more competitive and harder and more complex due to all the technology that they needed all their mind and more to keep up with and continue developing.

At first, a memory that was eidetic, started getting botched up. Then Audio faded, then Visual. It seemed that every advancement in consumer technology took the mind away and replaced it with a handheld device that would do the same, but something we needed pay hard cash for.

At that time, I was pursuing higher studies in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering. 

Hard to imagine, that without visual memory, one can remember all those complex circuits that one needs to remember without visual aid of the mind.

So that was that, with Electronics and Communications Engineering going out the window along with the part of the mind most dependent on Visual memory.

So I thought I would move to Music, which I was very good at, which required aural and auditory memory, which was still functional in my case.

But lo and behold, soon after moving to music, I lost my auditory memory too, and all sound faded from my mind.

Now, at this point, I had neither light nor sound in my mind. And can you imagine a tone deaf musician, whose thoughts and ideas of music and sound, fall on a deaf mind, already having been blinded.

All along this time, newer generations of communications were introduced in the world, with which, more and more abilities were gained by the devices, as they were lost by the humans. I don't believe I was the only one facing these problems, as theoretically, these are generalized very easily with lots of people.

So, it brings me to a question.

With the advent of communications technology, if the human mind suffers, and gets disabled, then where does one end and the other end too due to it?

A lot of people have lectured me and given me their wise words of how being an engineer is a salvation of sorts in the world of the middle class man in today's day and age. But I feel that my pulling of an Oppenheimer on E&C engineering, long before the bomb was made, in sorts, would help me make others realize too that there is something so deeply fundamentally wrong with the way in which the world has adopted this technology and hampered the human mind.

A mind, which is totally an ethereal and ephemeral entity, only works on the power it generates, through the brain that it gets to work with.

Analog and digital signals, work on such high power levels compared to the brain, that a brain can easily be fried and the field of the mind can totally be devastated easily with the power levels of the signal generators used in mass communication.

And in come cases, the mind signal field linkages, if totally severed from the brain, can lead to one losing their minds completely, wherein, one would have to wait for another company to come out with their technology to recreate the mind and link it with the brain, which one would, as is anybody's guess, pay for in hard cash. Until such a time when all that works out and Mindworks(say), starts doing business building minds and helping people who have lost their minds due to all of the interference of wireless signals all over the world, one would be a sitting chicken of sorts, unable to do much more that the most mundane tasks, which would seem like a lot, to keep oneself alive and surviving in a world that does hard business.

That is the curse of the Earth that started in the 21st Century A.D.

The scenario of so called modern perfection:

* A child is born

* Child loses mind due to all the wireless technology around.

*Mindworks comes to the rescue time and again.

*Humans become a slave to mindworks.

*Mindworks takes over the Earth, and starts controlling everything around.

*Planet earth gets renamed to planet Mindworks

*Aliens find out whats going on and pulls a mindwork on mindworks.

*Aliens take over the Earth.

*End of the homo sapien

*Only robots with AI with shielding enough from all this nonsense makes it.

*Those surviving robots with AI tell the tale of the homo sapiens that did all this for aeons to come, or till they survive to chose to remember the genus homo sapien.

Story of our lives!

Only Marvel comics' Helmet that Magneto used, could save all of this from happening. But who's gonna wear a helmet all their lives to keep their mind and sanity?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013



The sun and snow and the melting glow!
The fires that burn inside!
Routine work just to fill the void
potential abilities must I hide? 

The good times are those in trying
surpassing the known belief, undenying 
priding myself having reached many a goal 
beyond which I keep on flying.

Change me
Its not who I wanted to be
Change me
Cos when you come and work your magic
I wanna know you’re around

The dry leaf must and does indeed fall 
replaced in coming season. 
For life goes on and on and on 
for it doesn't need a reason. 
Life for many like life for a few 
is to them but a treason. 
But life, after all is just life 
Making something epic, creating anew

So Change me
This is the way I want me to be
create me
You have come to work your magic
I know that you’re around

Too many have come and gone in vain
their mission, a vision, a message to gain
purity in this world, reduction of pain
Golden reign of happiness, with the rain
that shall wash all the miseries yet not stain
the long lasting glory of the human strain

You Changed me
I am what I wanted to be
You made me
and when you came and worked your magic...