The Dawn Of A New ER@

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

They're Out There...

And so the last of them boarded the ship that would take them to the new world that they'd found where they would survive peacefully for aeons to come.

Life that was known was short lived for the planet had suffered a catastrophy. Oxygen levels in the air plunged down as cold and darkness swept over the earth. The future looked bleak as clouds enveloped the atmosphere. It was time to move. And so we did.... It was the evacuation of the remaining human populous of the Earth.

But Earth is a remarkable planet. Such is the force of life that against all odds, with everything going against the living beings, they still found a way to survive...

This came as a surprise to us. We've been flourishing for a billion years, and such is human nature, that over the ages, with new technology replacing the old, some things were forgotten.

The general public forgot all about the planet we once called home. The place where we thrived and helped build this immense world being one of the most developed creatures in the universe.

Over the recent past, we've been getting strange signals... Someone did their homework.

There was a mechanism to trace and contact the ones that had been left back on earth.

As I said, the oxygen level in the atmosphere was going low.. people would eventually die of asphyxiation. But the good in us had teams that were ready and studying the universe for those signals.

The human sinus system, when exposed to minute quantities of oxygen, gives out a strange frequency that is common only to human beings and to no other life form. Over the past couple of days, we've been getting signals from earth. I did not know what to make of this. For all the previous signals showed no signs of intelligence. But recently we've been getting signals that we can comprehend. It seems amazing that our race did survive on the earth. But there's a problem now.

The signals we've been recieving have grown in number. Our early teams went out and brought some survivors out, but the committee in-charge of extra-terrestrial rescues has come to the conclusion that life is sustained and thriving on the earth. This has resulted in us not being able to respond to the signals we've been getting. It just isn't time for us to get into any action. And talks with the leaders of the planet have proven likewise as they don't want the 2nd generation to know about the 1st generation.

Its only a matter of time before anything is done and contact is made with the survivors...

As for now, it is safe to be satisfied with the knowledge that you aren't alone in this universe, that we've been watching you and we are still watching you... In your time of need, look up at the sky and think out your thoughts. They're being heard! Good luck!

Some day, we will be united again!