The Dawn Of A New ER@

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is the truth too good for us?

"Yes!" Went the scientists as they broke barrier after barrier with new hypotheses and applications that now allows us to map most of the universe. The mapping of dark matter came as a huge breakthrough for both astrophysics as well as quantum physicists who directly (and or indirectly) wreaked the most out of the new revelations.

But the question still goes unanswered. What is the truth? How can one get out of the illusions of this universe?

When one asks a psychologist about the psychics of the mind, they have a lot to say with respect to evidential studies. But I feel that the question still goes unanswered. What is the mind? What all can the mind do? From experience I can say that the mind goes as far as the one controlling wills to take it. It has been said, ask a question and think deep into it and you will find the answer in your mind's eye.

I can tell you this is true to a certain extent. From experiments I have had some instances where the mind truly comes out with an answer that is perfectly logical and pertaining to the truth as far as things have been recorded and known in the 'human' way. By the 'human' way I mean whatever we learn normally through our senses.

But how can one explain these phenomena?

I can take one more example: People who hack into the subconscious mind, or so I have heard.
These people are amusing. They claim to be able to retrace and bring out memories of a person's last life, to name one. OK! Thats funny. I might have inherited my cells from my parents. But please, remembering one's last life! It sounds as if we can download information from an unknown vast database where everything is stored.

If so, where is this database?

They say that the soul lives. It was born with everything else. It originated at the beginning which is way back at the big bang. And the soul is everlasting. It doesn't need to eat to survive. It sits back and stays with every living being hardly acting, just stuck with the body till the body dies, and then the soul takes another body.
OK.. Going according to this classical hindu theory, it would mean that a number of souls was created once upon a time.
Now coming to reality!
Lets go back to Mathematics... a very good way to have fun with everything.
Say X numbers of souls were created at the beginning.
Now... Lets look at the situation in our planet. China's the highest populated. India's second.
And the population of the world is constantly going up.

Let us consider that each body has only one soul.
Now, earth once upon a time had 2 bodies, viz. Adam and Eve. That makes two souls. Now we have billions.
Thus, for every new baby born, a new soul is added. This means that a soul is transferred from the reservoir to Earth.
Now let us assume that there is a total number of X souls in the universe.
So, for every soul that comes to Earth, the number of souls remaining elsewhere goes decreasing.

To maintain an equilibrium of souls in the universe, for every soul added, one has to be subtracted.

Consider this transfer of souls.

Let us take the net population. Births - Deaths(since birth rate>> death rate)
New souls are being brought to earth. Thus those souls are being taken off the rest of the universe. This is mathematically true if other worlds exist.
Thus, we aren't alone in the universe!!!

Its only a matter of time before we further our knowledge and understanding of the universe.

A note to all Bengaloorians, keep your eyes (and cameras/telescopes) peeled at the sky.
Especially when clouds suddenly arrive(as happened on Saturday, the 15th of March, 2008) with close to a massive 10cm of rainfall. The afternoon was partly cloudy with the sun still shining, when around 5.30 pm, suddenly the city was enveloped by massive clouds and a lot of funny activity started[;)].

Its not hard to believe we aren't alone. And I tell you.. its not long before our view of this universe changes....