The Dawn Of A New ER@

Friday, April 25, 2008


But the signals stopped. The enthusiasm with which our race was following the revelations of the 2nd generation have waned. The common people here look in disgust at the 2nd generation, who are slowly narrowing down their chances of survival. We were lucky enough to have escaped with our knowledge intact when we did from Earth. Our scriptures are still followed with gusto. Our traditions haven't changed much. We still live in harmony with our host planet that bears us.

I was taken aback with fascination with the way the 2nd generation has grown to suffice themselves. Their technology, though artificial and bounded, has developed into a very intricate one. We held no hope in them for they had lost everything that would show them the ways of yore but some are still alive who try to adhere to the old ways from whatever remains they discovered. My team has recently come upon some of them who are trying to adhere to the rules of old. Those we followed long ago.

Our technology was derived from the truths of the universe. Everything that is perceived, has an explanation to it. There are factors that govern everything. At first we didn't understand it well at all, but over time with the right advancements, solid truths were assimilated and thus we grew, hand in hand with everything around. We try to maintain a perfect balance with everything, the elements, the ethereals, and the polyfrequency realms that exist. Our perceptions and our bodies evolved over time to strengthen our equilibrium with everything else. There are many, highly regarded ones who are gods of their respective realms. For you see, there is a system that defines everthing that exists, and to see through and be one with the system allowed for a few very talented individuals to gain control of the systems. For the power that lies in matter is massive, and to gain control of the hidden powers meant real power. Power that was unforeseen by any. Powers beyond our wildest imaginations, and one thing led to another and thus a lot of secrets were uncovered and domesticated. But there are few who are strong enough to influence the system. These powerful individuals comprise the council of elders.There were such individuals who were unfortunately left behind on earth. Our studies and monitoring so far have resulted in findings with which we are able to understand their vast realm of life.

Other things aside, the majority of them seem to live artificial lives, bound to material comforts, oblivious to the truth, oblivious to themselves, their purpose, oblivious to their grand journey. They have started living shorter and shorter lives. It pains me that so many lives are lived without meaning, without purpose, without knowing good from bad, totally awry of the truth.

With the contact we made with that certain group of 2nd generation humans, came a lot of interest and curiosity and funding from our organizations. But as abruptly as we started getting their signals, it stopped around a month ago, which is approximately 6 months ago on Earth.
I do not know what happened to our humans, whether good or harm came to them. Maybe somebody on Earth also intercepted their signals and did something to stop them. Our scout ships had been dispatched to watch out for any signals or signs of our human correspondents, but so far, nothing has been found. The scouts did come to face growing difficulties in and around Earth's gravitational zone and for safety issues our scout ships keep away from the populated areas. Since then, status-quo.

The scouts did turn up with a lot of information that was sent to the Council of Intelligence. Since then the council has held their silence with respect to Earth. Earth is in a sorry shape. Though technological marvels have rocketed the 2nd generation quite far in a short time, the equilibrium of life is swaying. With the massive growth rate and growing needs, they have forgotten the ways of old and are ravishing the planet. Its only a matter of time before they face judgement day.Our council of intelligence is in consideration of an evacuation. Else we shall have to leave them to their doom. It is now only a matter of time.

With every passing day, their climate gets hotter. Their atmosphere gets thinner. Their supply of oxygen is vanishing at a steep rate since their only source of natural oxygen, the botanical reserves are vanishing. They are so obsessed with making way for life that they don't consider their ways of present that will reflect on their future. The scouts did report that many countries(as they call political regions) are taking up the responsibility to reform to a greener habitat, and yet others are sealing their fate.

There have been advancements though in an individual level on Earth.
Quasmas are the mappings of all the frequencies that overlap the realms and parallel universes, showing the true co-ordinates of space in the universe. Any abnormalities in the equilibrium frequencies show up as dents and dots and ripples in the immediate vicinity of the true positions of entities. The Quasma scans were a great delight to our department. It has proved that true advancements are taking place on Earth. Our Quasma scans have proof of individuals who have started creating wormholes(as they call the universal doorways) and others who have been able to harness the power of time. And yet others who are getting powerful enough to start effecting and manipulating their worlds. This is good news since that improves the chances of them acquiring communication over the universes and the different levels in the hierarchy of life.

Earth and Pitrangea(Our planet) harbor life in its bottom most levels. There are many planets out there that harbor life in different stages of existence and advancements. Not all are friendly. Some of them are so technologically advanced that they are nomadic, able to sustain life through their technology while on the move scouring for resources and knowledge to thrive on. Most races stick to one planet and live harmoniously on the planet. There are races that rule solar systems. There are yet others that rule galaxies together.

We are neither the most peaceful nor the most ravenous. We are mentally and technologically advanced enough to keep out of confrontations. If we encounter invaders, we use our mental powers to shield neuropathic detection and have the technology to avoid invaders in our vicinity. This is how we have survived, and this is how we shall continue to survive.
To thrive. To Justify. To Control. To Learn. To exist...

To be able to reunite the two generations has been a dream of mine long jaded. It is not likely that we would break silence, for they are not yet ready for us. Few among them would understand our ways. Only a few would keep things safe, and those few are the ones not to be compromised. For many reasons, things shall have to be contained until the right time.
The biggest storms come without warning they say and so true it is in our case. There is no need for intervention as long as their neighboring planets slumber, to hide what they contain would only buy time for Earth. For they are hardly aware of their neighbors. If only they're prepared for revelations facing them. The future holds a lot in store...


Monday, April 7, 2008

Life On Death

Life, is not what it was yesterday.
The people I knew and cared about,
just memories now of a life of high being,
the life I cherished once long gone.
Gone are the places, gone are the faces.
Gone are my habits, gone is my home.
Though I’m still under the same sky,
the stars no longer show me the path to the home I left.
Its a simple life now.
A life of peace and solitude.
The loudspeakers and train horns
in the late of night
have but become a part of life.
Life as I know it speeding fast away from me.
Through the memories, the people,
I’m taken back to my special place.
But I have come far and changed since.
I shall be only a ghost in their minds.
“I’m sorry my friends. The days and times we had
were more than what I could ever wish for.
I have taken my leave.
I wish no more.
I am no more.
He will rule supreme. My death.
The last king gone, and a new king born,
Thus begins an epoch of reign,
upon thy my blood so sworn!"

The Journey Begins

And I just sat there taking in the scenery as it passed me by. The constant blaring of the ear-splitting horn of this Maruti van, not much contrasting to the scene outisde the windows of this car.

“Life is a road to betterment, to development.” So my friend told me on many an occassion. But that couldn’t be farther from the lives I’m seeing.
For these streets are littered with bodies, human and dogs alike, most just sitting around and breathing their share of air. Some engaged in their petty little meaningless activities. And then there are those not so fortunate. Lives of man and animals, brutally taken away. Bodies crushed, turned into carpets by the uncaring vehicles treading on whatever remains the scavengers leave.

These bloody poverty striken scenes are not those of aftermaths of a holocaust. This, facing facts, is what I have to live my life accepting with sadness and pity, the common scene of Rural India

13th Feb 2006

Open Window Obscured

…Everytime I tell him, he goes “yes, I know.”

….He hides when I try to catch a glimpse. He locks his gates when I try to enter. His mind is something I have spent years fruitlessly trying to explore. There is so much I want to show him, so much left unsaid. Yet I feel unable to show him what he means to me. He was once a star in the sky that I aimed for, to be lost and found again. But there’s so much more to show, to feel, to know. I’m afraid of the consequences, and so I hold back. If only he’d understand…..

…She was just another person I knew. I treated her like the rest, no less, no more. She was intriguing though from the start. First seen as kid who learnt hindustani classical in the drawing room as I lazed around in my shorts, eating junk food and watching TV. She grew into a fiercely competitive athlete, one whose determination and mental maturity was felt throughout for a girl of 11. Life as should have been went on until the day I got her message. A situation I’d been never before in, a liability I thought at first, another mind of my own it turned out to be. But why? Why did she want it? What was it I had to offer? And if I were to openly give out my mind, would she accept it being the fearful and shy person I’d known her to be. I couldn’t handle the responsibility…..

…..I looked at him grow. He grew on, in age and talent as we stared, looking up at the person I respected and craved. His mind has always been a mystery to me. Every glance of his eyes, those fierce yet soft eyes, that expression he kept blank so well at the same time making those around him feel their way. The distance keeps increasing, and I’m slowly losing hope. The pain has become excruciating, so hard to bear. For I feel I’ve failed in my quest after going in so deep. If only he’d once look down. If only he’d notice. If only he’d accept me and let me be free…

….A lesson learnt the hard way. The pain was too much for me. I can’t go on getting hurt like this, it isn’t who I’m meant to be. Getting back to my life is my motive now. I strayed away, letting the forces distract me. Going out of my way for others’ sake, I simply just don’t feel myself.
What is love? Why are other people the way they are? Why do they cry upon seeing people depart? Why do they snuggle with little babies and embrace them? Whats my weakness? Or is it my strength? I watched on, seeing the world from the outside, my frame of perception keeping me impervious to their lures…..

…..But after all the differences and clouds between us, why does he still smile his warm smile and extend his hand out for me? What is it that I can’t figure out about his behaviour? I have become a part of him. I have seen and followed in his footsteps. I have come a long way, but yet I feel I’m totally lost in this world, unable to penetrate his shield that he seems to have created around himself. My dreams have turned into nightmares. My long wait has lead to desperation. This isn’t a life worth living for….

….And there she was, the only one in that world who had reached out to me. I watch on, questions plagueing my mind. Why is she doing the things I do? What does she want from me? What does she see in me? Her thoughts spoke out through the songs she presented me, but why? I didn’t want this… It was as all dreams were to be. My wishes were supposed to stay wishes. I don’t believe that they could be answered and I could actually be loved by someone. Now I can’t stop thinking about her. The more I see of her, the more I see of myself in another body. She fascinates me. Its turned to an obsession to keep tabs with her doings. Should I give her a chance? Should I try and help her get what she’s looking for? Let me chance a change….

….Things have taken a sudden change of course. The cold emotionless person I knew who wouldn’t relate me one hair of himself has suddenly become understanding, more open and warm. He has provided me a shoulder to cry on, a hand to pull me up. He has become different. Now I’ve felt and experienced all the wonders words put down and more. I have let myself go, felt secure, in safe hands to catch me before I fall. I don’t know whether all I say can let him know how much this means to me. I let him know how I feel, how much I care and how much I love him. And everytime I tell him, he goes “yes, I know.”…..

….A whole new aspect of life opened up with the opening of my eyes to things I considered weak and low. What I looked down at people for has become my biggest trait now. At times I feel its a weakness that I’ve let take over me to lead me to my doom, yet at the same time I know that If I am to be doomed, I would prefer it in no other way. I still have that part of me telling me that I’ve become one of them. I have become mediocre, weak and powerless by letting other factors control my life. I have lost my kingdom, dethroned and pierced by the sword of this thing called love. But adamant as the person I was, I live by my present rules, my present state of mind. It has become a fight with myself in choosing my path. Either be the one I was and go my way, or continue as who I am, travelling not a lonely path, but sharing everything, showing others my way.
These days are of non stop battles within my mind. A battle whose fate is sealed to doom, for my victory is my defeat. I want to show her all that I have in me. But my other part doesn’t let me for who I was. With my acceptance of her I ate the fabled apple of the garden of eden..sealing my fate, losing myself and my destiny forever. I can’t tell her how much I love her and how much I care, but only the death of myself would bring that out of me, for one part opposes the other. All I can say to her when she tells me, is “Yes, I know.” But I can’t tell her that there’s so much more thats there to see if brilliance is what she feeds upon. I can’t tell her how much I have come to accept her as myself, as a part of me, for the other part of me can only accept myself. The human mind is complex, and I can tell you, since as I speak, I’m standing by that narrow window to this realm, looking into myself, seeing the parts of me from a different perspective. She wouldn’t be able to handle all I have to offer. She is not strong enough to take it in. I don’t want to hurt her……..

….I keep somethings locked deep inside of me in fear of hurting him with the beast within. I want to, but I’m afraid. But Its so hard to try, since everytime, the answer is “Yes, I know.”…..

….The part of me that lurks beneath the skin is but a breath away from waking up the demon of what I was. I’m sorry, but for your sake, I can’t do that. You’re all I care about. I can’t lose you now. You too are a part of me, and the death of either part will seal my mind.
You catch glimpses of me from the distractions from time to time, when a part sleeps, giving me clear control. But thats rare, and in all the times I want to show you, I refrain myself saying “Yes. I know.”…..

17th Feb 2006

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is the truth too good for us?

"Yes!" Went the scientists as they broke barrier after barrier with new hypotheses and applications that now allows us to map most of the universe. The mapping of dark matter came as a huge breakthrough for both astrophysics as well as quantum physicists who directly (and or indirectly) wreaked the most out of the new revelations.

But the question still goes unanswered. What is the truth? How can one get out of the illusions of this universe?

When one asks a psychologist about the psychics of the mind, they have a lot to say with respect to evidential studies. But I feel that the question still goes unanswered. What is the mind? What all can the mind do? From experience I can say that the mind goes as far as the one controlling wills to take it. It has been said, ask a question and think deep into it and you will find the answer in your mind's eye.

I can tell you this is true to a certain extent. From experiments I have had some instances where the mind truly comes out with an answer that is perfectly logical and pertaining to the truth as far as things have been recorded and known in the 'human' way. By the 'human' way I mean whatever we learn normally through our senses.

But how can one explain these phenomena?

I can take one more example: People who hack into the subconscious mind, or so I have heard.
These people are amusing. They claim to be able to retrace and bring out memories of a person's last life, to name one. OK! Thats funny. I might have inherited my cells from my parents. But please, remembering one's last life! It sounds as if we can download information from an unknown vast database where everything is stored.

If so, where is this database?

They say that the soul lives. It was born with everything else. It originated at the beginning which is way back at the big bang. And the soul is everlasting. It doesn't need to eat to survive. It sits back and stays with every living being hardly acting, just stuck with the body till the body dies, and then the soul takes another body.
OK.. Going according to this classical hindu theory, it would mean that a number of souls was created once upon a time.
Now coming to reality!
Lets go back to Mathematics... a very good way to have fun with everything.
Say X numbers of souls were created at the beginning.
Now... Lets look at the situation in our planet. China's the highest populated. India's second.
And the population of the world is constantly going up.

Let us consider that each body has only one soul.
Now, earth once upon a time had 2 bodies, viz. Adam and Eve. That makes two souls. Now we have billions.
Thus, for every new baby born, a new soul is added. This means that a soul is transferred from the reservoir to Earth.
Now let us assume that there is a total number of X souls in the universe.
So, for every soul that comes to Earth, the number of souls remaining elsewhere goes decreasing.

To maintain an equilibrium of souls in the universe, for every soul added, one has to be subtracted.

Consider this transfer of souls.

Let us take the net population. Births - Deaths(since birth rate>> death rate)
New souls are being brought to earth. Thus those souls are being taken off the rest of the universe. This is mathematically true if other worlds exist.
Thus, we aren't alone in the universe!!!

Its only a matter of time before we further our knowledge and understanding of the universe.

A note to all Bengaloorians, keep your eyes (and cameras/telescopes) peeled at the sky.
Especially when clouds suddenly arrive(as happened on Saturday, the 15th of March, 2008) with close to a massive 10cm of rainfall. The afternoon was partly cloudy with the sun still shining, when around 5.30 pm, suddenly the city was enveloped by massive clouds and a lot of funny activity started[;)].

Its not hard to believe we aren't alone. And I tell you.. its not long before our view of this universe changes....