The Dawn Of A New ER@

Tuesday, January 22, 2013



The sun and snow and the melting glow!
The fires that burn inside!
Routine work just to fill the void
potential abilities must I hide? 

The good times are those in trying
surpassing the known belief, undenying 
priding myself having reached many a goal 
beyond which I keep on flying.

Change me
Its not who I wanted to be
Change me
Cos when you come and work your magic
I wanna know you’re around

The dry leaf must and does indeed fall 
replaced in coming season. 
For life goes on and on and on 
for it doesn't need a reason. 
Life for many like life for a few 
is to them but a treason. 
But life, after all is just life 
Making something epic, creating anew

So Change me
This is the way I want me to be
create me
You have come to work your magic
I know that you’re around

Too many have come and gone in vain
their mission, a vision, a message to gain
purity in this world, reduction of pain
Golden reign of happiness, with the rain
that shall wash all the miseries yet not stain
the long lasting glory of the human strain

You Changed me
I am what I wanted to be
You made me
and when you came and worked your magic...